I booked in for a Mac make up tutorial session at Westfields, Stratford and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made regarding the slap on my face.

Why do my eyebrows look like two slugs on my face, I was trying to be sharp and fierce!?

First of all, I’m already a big fan of Mac cosmetics, the products are high quality, they last me a long time and they don’t crack or flake off my face half way through the day. Nobody has time for that… But most importantly they have a sales assistants there to help you make the right choices, giving you advice if you don’t have a clue… Yeah that’s me. Hallo.

So the reason I booked in was because I have make up and I use it daily (yup like most girls). Yet I feel unconfident applying it and end up looking in the mirror and think why do I look like that? Why do I have lines in my foundation, I used a jazzy brush? Why do my eyebrows look like two slugs on my face, I was trying to be sharp and fierce!? Why does my lipstick look like I’ve put I’ve applied it on the tube… I really tried this time, I did, I swear!

Make up plan to prompt me how to get pretty

Anyway the list goes on as you can imagine. So booking into MAC gave me opportunity to speak 1 to 1 with a make up artist and gain some well needs skills.

But the most important thing I learnt was…

I learnt a lot about make up, how to use it and why. I learnt that my eyebrows are really fair so I need an expresso shade, not a warm brown which makes my eyebrows look ginger.

I learnt that I’m awful at lipstick, I tried 3 times with the liner and Grace (the MA) had to sort me out. I learnt that when using blusher you do a ‘c’ shape on the side of your face.

But the most important thing I learnt was PRACTISE! Make up application is a skill, and if you want to look like a sick bitch then you need to work for it. Just like most things ey!?

The end product.

So I’m gunna spend a little more time on my technique and see how it goes!

If you need a little bit of a confident boost in the make up department, fancy a little treat or want to learn something new, I would definitely recommend this. It’s easy, you book in advance, pay a £50 deposit which goes towards your new make up, yo turn up and voila!